Old Town Adventures

I can get so busy that I forget to stop, take a look around and truly embrace the beauty of where I live. Temecula (which people finally know thanks to our wineries) is a stunning city, and Old Town is one of my favorite places to walk through whenever I get a chance. Lucky for me today was one of those days! A good friend of mine Lena & I met up at Havana Kitchen for our favorite, a sal-latte (seriously, if you’ve never tried a Cuban sal-latte you need to stop what you’re doing and GO!) and some breakfast before heading over to the open marketplace to check out all their goodies. We tasted different honeys and browsed organic creations from avocado oils to goats milk soap & toiletries. I was so inspired by the succulent gardens that I’ll be heading to Home Depot to get creative with my own, so stay tuned! After the marketplace we popped into a new restaurant The Goat & Vine for a delicous vegan flatbread pizza, a local brew and some catching up, which was just what I needed. It’s so awesome to see our little city grow into a bustling hub with new restaurants and hip shops, I can’t wait to see what opens up next!





IMG_7847Cheers to the weekend!



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