Lemon Spa Retreat

Lemon Spa Retreat

Are we screaming for relief with the rising temperature this past week?  We don’t like the humidity either, yuck!  How about a cool and refreshing homemade lemon sugar body scrub to cleanse and exfoliate your body?  We made this body scrub, and couldn’t believe how delightful it was; the aroma was magnificent!  We guarantee you’ll tingle all over after trying it! This recipe fills a bit more than TWO 16 oz Mason Jars.

Mix Together –

  1. 5 Cups of Sugar
  2. 1  Cup of Olive Oil (We used extra virgin olive oil, but canola oil works as well and it is just as moisturizing)
  3. Add  7-8 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice
  4. Spoon into desired containers (It may be a bit runny as the sugar and oil settle but just give it a little mix and its ready to use!)

That’s it!  The Lemon Sugar Scrub is ready to use or give!

Do you have a favorite lemon inspired recipe or project that you would like to share?  If yes, email it to us at  – whenlifegivesulemons@yahoo.com, and we will post it on our blog.  Invite 5 of your friends to email us as well.  Please submit no later than Sunday, 07/22/12.


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